New addition to the shop

I am very happy to announce that the Olivia necklace I recently showed you is now available in my etsy shop.

one-of-a-kind statement vintage inspired necklace montreal designer

I really enjoyed making this one-of-a-kind necklace. It took me a whole day but it was definitively worth it. When I design a necklace, I like to try out different things and I take a lot of pictures of my different ideas with my iphone. I find that judging a necklace in progress from a picture helps because I see it from a certain distance.

Afterwards, I look at all my pictures and I go for the option I like best. Usually things still change after that : I move things around, pin everything and try on the necklace so I can see it in the mirror. That’s a trick my painting teacher gave me once to judge my composition : the mirror reverses the piece which allows you to have a more objective perception of the composition you just created.

I guess I work with a trial and error approach until I am satisfied. Here are a few pictures of the different steps that led to the Olivia necklace :

colorful neon statement necklace

costume jewelry designer studio with a necklace in progress

Montreal jewellery designer studio

bijoux chics montreal creations originales

I have already started another necklace with braided cord and fimo and it has been very fun to work on. I will tell you more about it soon. Have a great day xx

Making jewelry with braided cord

I changed my business model more then a year ago and I have been wanting to write down some kind of post mortem about it. Until I do that, I can already share with you that without having a store to manage, I obviously have way more time to try out new materials, techniques  and designs. And it is not only a matter of time itself but also of space in my mind to develop and try new things. When I had the store, my main focus was managing the business. Now I am way more focused on the jewelry making itself : I still have so much to learn and I am happy I have the time to do so.

Lately I have been making jewelry with thick braided cord. A lot of designers already use it and I have been inspired to try it myself. What I like about sewing materials directly on thick cord or fabric is that it becomes like a canvas on which you can put things exactly where you want.

jewelry braided cord

The first necklace I made with cord is the Aya necklace, a new limited edition design that will be available on my new website (when my new website is ready, which should be soon) :

yellow statement necklace

I spent hours embroidering chips, beads and swarovski crystals along the cord but it was definitely worth it. I also made the Olivia necklace, a one-of-a-kind piece made with vintage jewelry and freshwater pearls, this time using a black braided cord. All I have for now is a picture I took on instagram (but taking real pictures of it is definitely on my to do list) :

vintage inspired statement necklace

I am pretty happy with the result and can’t wait to design more necklaces around these gorgeous cotton braided cords.

On sunday, I went to the crafts store and got myself some fimo clay and glitter. I had way too much fun playing with fimo and will make sure I show you what I make out of it.

Have a great week xx


Your dead roses from Valentine’s day

Now I know Valentine’s day was a month ago but until today, I still had the 3 roses my boyfriend got me in a vase on the dining room table. Part of it was because I am lazy and part of it was because I felt sad to throw away those full of love flowers. The roses were all dried out and dead, but in a pretty way. So I decided to cut them and make a decoration of it.


Voilà ! Isn’t it cute ? It is now proudly standing on the top of our toilet (which kind of kills the romance of my little project) :

pot pourri with roses

Creative in Chicago took it to the next level and put dried roses petals and little buds in a Mason jar (photo below is hers). I really like that idea too :

Rose petals in a mason jar

If you have a little more time, you can also turn your roses into a pot pourri. But you have to do that before they die. Pop Sugar did a great post about how to do your own pot pourri. By the way, do you know that “pot pourri” is french and literally means “rotten jar” ?

pot pourri DIY

Photo from Pop Sugar

What about you ? Do you keep your Valentine’s day flowers ? What do you like to do with them once their glory has vanished ?

The making of a necklace

Oh hello, this is my come back on the blog ! I will be writing in english (and soon adding a french version to the blog) as I have more and more english-speaking followers. English is my second language so let me know if you spot any mistakes in my grammar or my spelling : I am always happy to get better at it.

I have thought a lot about what my come back blog post would be about and the answer came naturally earlier today as I was working on a necklace : my job (and my passion) is to design jewelry and accessories, especially necklaces : that’s what I had to talk about. So here I am, sharing with you some behind the scenes stuff about the making of a necklace.

I really love when clients ask me to make them a necklace from a previous collection. If I still have the required materials in inventory, I am always happy to do it. Sometimes, some beads will be missing and I will have to change them but I always find a way to respect the overall design.

When Cateline came to my studio, she had taken the time to browse through all my previous designs on Google image. When she asked me if I could make the Bagala marbré necklace again, I was really happy to hear it. It has been one of my favorite necklaces for a long time. I went through my beads and stones drawers (I will have to show you them one day, they are a well organized mess) to check if I had everything I needed and lucky us, I had almost everything I needed to make one more. I replaced some metal beads and one of the required fabrics and we were good to go.

Statement necklace handmade by costume jewelry designer

Making the Bagala necklace is all about precision and detail. Each strand of stones has to be exactly the correct length for the necklace to fit perfectly. I always work with my old foam mannequin to adjust the lengths of a necklace strands. That old mannequin has been with me since 2007 and it has really been useful to get a 3D perception of my necklaces as I was making them.

Shop army inspired statement necklace making a statement necklace with fabric and semi precious stones beautiful necklace by canadian jewellery designer online

The final touch : sewing my charlotte hosten tag to the necklace. My own way of “signing” the necklace.

necklace handmade by jewelry designer charlotte hosten

The necklace is now ready to be picked up, patiently waiting to be worn.

original handmade statement necklaces online

Cateline also asked me to design another necklace, inspired by the Kali… but with different colors. I am also very excited about that project. I will make sure to share that with you when it’s done xx

*If you liked the Bagala necklace, make sure to drop by my etsy shop to discover similar statement necklaces.

Du rose et du vert

Je ne suis pas toujours consciente de l’origine de mes idées. Mais dans le cas du collier Kali, il est né de l’idée de faire un collier rose et vert qui a été directement inspiré d’une photo que j’ai vue sur Pinterest :

inspiration-bijoux-accessoires-montrealEt voici le collier que j’ai créé. Il est fait de pierres semi-précieuses, swarovski, verre et métal :

collier-montreal-bijoux-montreal-mile-end-jewellery-swarovskiLe collier Kali est disponible dans notre boutique de Montréal ainsi que dans notre boutique etsy.



Mes idées cadeaux pour la fête des mères…


les petites excuses

La fête des mères, c’est la journée de l’année où les fleuristes font le plus d’argent (je suis presque certaine de ce que j’écris). Si je me souviens bien, chaque année, aux nouvelles, le jour de la fête des mères, ils envoient des journalistes filmer le sourire des fleuristes (mais pas leurs poches pleines de billets).

Si vous vous demandez quoi offrir à votre maman, moi je vous le dis, offrez-lui des fleurs. Je pense que tout le monde aime recevoir des fleurs (sauf peut-être les environnementalistes ultra extrêmes qui mangent seulement des racines et qui rejettent généralement en bloc tout ce qui est beau et bon). Personnellement, mes deux fleuristes préférés sont Les petites excuses (même son nom, il rock) et Raymond Therrien (257 rue Laurier Ouest).


les petites excuses

Maintenant que c’est réglé côté fleurs, si vous voulez gâter votre maman encore plus, vous pouvez passer nous voir à notre boutique à Montréal. Voici mes idées coups de coeur de cadeaux pour maman :


Fleur en soie dorée (24 $), fleur en crêpe georgette (35 $), petit porte-cartes en suède (33 $), boucles d’oreilles argent et onyx (68 $)handmade-leather-fabric-ethnic-braceletBracelet Zaveri corail (64 $)


Pochette de soirée (259 $), Bracelet Zoé argenté (89 $), Carte Urbigraphie (c’est ma maman qui fait des cartes postales, 4 $) et porte-clés (47 $)


Collier Petit classique kaki (159 $)


Collier Saraswati beige (195 $), Pochette vintage (69 $), boucles d’oreilles vintage (87 $), Bracelet Blossom (59 $)

Si ça tombe mal et que vous n’avez aucun budget pour la fête des mères, faites-lui un dessin. Et donnez-le lui en vous écriant “Maman, maman, regarde !” pour lui faire vivre un moment vintage teinté de nostalgie (avec la mienne en tout cas, ça marche !).


Collier Minakshi orange, 219 $

Des trousses pour conserver vos bijoux

Capture d’écran 2013-05-08 à 12.47.54Ça fait longtemps qu’on voulait en faire. Les voici enfin : nos jolies trousses en tissus africains, indiens et colorés. J’ai tellement, tellement aimé créer autre chose que des colliers ou bracelets. C’était une expérience totalement différente qui demandait un autre type de visualisation. Quand je fais un collier, je ne sais pas où je m’en vais : je le fais évoluer en le fabriquant directement. On ne peut pas vraiment faire ça avec une trousse en tissu qui demande de développer un patron très exact avec des coutures très exactes pour que techniquement, ça marche tout en étant joli.


Alors, on fait quoi avec ces trousses ? Voici quelques idées : transporter tampons et autres attirails essentiels durant votre semaine du mois préférée, ranger votre maquillage (sauf si vous avez plutôt besoin d’une valise pour cela), loger vos jolies culottes à apporter en week-end, conserver vos dix mille crayons essentiels pour votre cours d’étude sémiologique des colonnes grecques dans l’oeuvre de Poussin, l’utiliser comme porte-feuilles pour celles qui travaillent dans la mafia, ou encore – et surtout – pour protéger vos bijoux Charlotte Hosten.


Laquelle vous préférez ? Moi je n’arrive pas à trancher mais j’ai un gros kick sur celle avec l’imprimé “animal”. Elles sont uniquement disponibles en boutique pour l’instant, au coût de 39 $.