Very Much Wanted

It’s very early in the morning and it’s raining again. I have to go to our studio pick up all our FW11 bracelets and necklaces and go to the photographer’s studio for the lookbook photoshoot. Wish us luck !

You might have noticed that recently, I have become a huge, HUGE etsy fan. It is like window shopping but without the guilt nor the feeling of wasting your time – since you do it on your computer on which you also listen to smart radio or get work done, it doesn’t really feel like a waste of time when you “take a break” and go to etsy. Here are a few lovely things I thought you would be happy to find out about…

1980s vintage SPRING BIRD cotton sweater jacketCardigan from the 1980’s available here.

1980s vintage PEACOCK large leather clutch purse

Large clutch from the 1980’s available here.

Floral Jacket

From a talented Australian Designer 

1980s Girly Fuchsia Satin Purse or Clutch with "Corset" Inspired Detail by La Regale

Another 1980’s clutch from here.

Vintage 1940's Drop Waist Filigree Dress

Isn’t she super cute ?


I just love how this seller presents her items :

Water color roses on a 1950's polished cotton day dress , this is dreamy

Wedding dress 1970  summer beach garden wedding

little house on the prairie dress hand quilted fabric vintage

1950 hostess party cocktail dress mauve lace and ohh so lovely:::

This seller also has great ideas to present her vintage clothes :

vintage 60s floral Lord & Taylor mini dress - s / small

vintage 60s victorian lace maxi dress - s / small

vintage 70s purple sweater dress - m/l medium or large


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