A few beautiful things

I am truly happy because this week, my schedule is filled with custom made orders. 3 brides have asked me to make them a necklace or a bracelet and a store is expecting a crazy one-of-a-kind similar to the Castafiore. I am almost done with all these orders and it really makes me happy to be working from home, HAVING TO make necklaces and actually being paid for it. I am living my dream and enjoying it like never before.

The Castafiore Necklace I made a while ago :

Of course I had my etsy moment this morning so here are a few things that realy caught my eye :

Huge Tuareg Khomeissa Amulet made of bone and leather

Tuareg Necklace, man they know what they are doing !

Isabel's Picnic Dress - Custom Fit

from here.

Low Back Multicolor Cotton Dress - Perfect Fit Guaranteed

I just love the back of this dress (see other colors here)

Organic Wool Jersey Short Skirt in Heather Gray - Perfect Fit Guaranteed

simply cotton

.The Farmer's Market Dress XS or S

available here.

Have a wonderful day ! +++


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