Miu Miu & Me

This week-end I have been working on my spring summer collection (you are going to read that same sentence, over and over again, for weeks), keeping my focus on my memories of Mexico or trying to picture Istanbul and the Greek Islands in my head. All that while managing my always-getting-bigger business that keeps me, well, busy. I checked out Miu Miu’s collection and I just love it. She has a talent for mixing colors together. I realize that’s what strikes me : mixes of colors. I loved Chanel’s collection too but the colors are boring. As for Miu Miu, she succeeded at mixing red & yellow, making it look nothing like a McDonald’s uniform. Here are a few pics of her show in Paris and some of my favorite etsy items of the week :

Art Deco Art Nouveau Salmon Pink Snake Skin Handbag Clutch Purse


Miu Miu – Spring Summer 2012

Sukan / Hand Woven - Turkish  Kilim Pillow Cover - 18x18


Miu Miu Spring Summer 2012

RESERVED: Custom handbag


Buy 2 Get 1 Free -Ocean of Universe - LARGE Art Print - 19x36  - Open Edition - abstract


Miu Miu Spring Summer 2012

PALM Linen Cushion Cover 55 x 55 cm, 22 inch



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