Your dead roses from Valentine’s day

Now I know Valentine’s day was a month ago but until today, I still had the 3 roses my boyfriend got me in a vase on the dining room table. Part of it was because I am lazy and part of it was because I felt sad to throw away those full of love flowers. The roses were all dried out and dead, but in a pretty way. So I decided to cut them and make a decoration of it.


Voilà ! Isn’t it cute ? It is now proudly standing on the top of our toilet (which kind of kills the romance of my little project) :

pot pourri with roses

Creative in Chicago took it to the next level and put dried roses petals and little buds in a Mason jar (photo below is hers). I really like that idea too :

Rose petals in a mason jar

If you have a little more time, you can also turn your roses into a pot pourri. But you have to do that before they die. Pop Sugar did a great post about how to do your own pot pourri. By the way, do you know that “pot pourri” is french and literally means “rotten jar” ?

pot pourri DIY

Photo from Pop Sugar

What about you ? Do you keep your Valentine’s day flowers ? What do you like to do with them once their glory has vanished ?


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