Bling it for the ball

vintage earrings with crystals montreal

Jessica reached out to me some time ago because she had to pick accessories for a Ball she was going to, in France (lucky her). She had chosen the beautiful Flora, a pair of one-of-a-kind vintage earrings and asked me if I could customize the Panaji bracelet and add more elegance to it.

I suggested to add a row of crystals to the bracelet. I was very happy with the result : the crystals make a beautiful addition to the bracelet. Here is the before and after of the Panaji bracelet :

blue freshwater pearls bracelet

It was just the right amount of bling to make the bracelet more elegant. Aside from the crystals, the Panaji bracelet is made of dark blue freshwater pearls, rhinestones, raw african metal beads, agate and glass. I like its combination of different shades of blue and textures.

crystal and blue bracelet

I am always happy to customize my jewelry to make it fit your needs : get in touch if you have a project in mind so we can start brainstorming about it xx


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