New addition to the shop

When I shared the necklace I made for a client a few weeks ago, a lot of my clients asked me if I was going to make it available on my website. Well, this day has come ! I made a few changes to the original version but the overall look remains the same. Let me introduce the Elena necklace :

Multistrand statement pink and gold necklace

I named the necklace Elena because of the Italian author Elena Ferrante I have recently discovered. I read the english translation of the 3 volumes of her Neapolitan novels and I am impatient for the 4th volume to come out (early fall). I was so passionate about the story that I read nearly 1200 pages in about two weeks (something I never do). She is an incredible writer, I have never read a book with such plausible, elaborate and complex female characters. Ferrante understands and depicts human relations in an admirable way. Elena is also the name of the narrator in the Neapolitan novels and I have grown very attached to her.

collier original mariage été montréal

On the shorter strand of the Elena necklace, you can see 14 faceted pale peach jade stones with agate stones on both sides. On the second strand, beautiful champagne freshwater pearls are combined with a few agates. On the third strand,  you will find a combination of glass beads with brass, semi-precious stones and vinyl beads from Africa. Here and there, a few gold plated charms can be found and in between the strands, 8 delicate golden chains complete the necklace.

I would wear the Elena necklace on a light pink or peach dress for a summer garden party or to a wedding. It can also be very beautiful worn on a simple white or grey top on a working day.

statement necklace online with real stones

You can shop this necklace on my website. Or, if you are in Montreal and wish to try it on, you can always come to my studio upon request. And remember, I am always happy to customize my jewelry for my clients. Email me if you are interested so we can start chatting about it 🙂



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