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When I was 15, someone from school came back from her week-end with a bracelet she had made. Her mom had taken her to a bead store. I thought it was the best idea EVER. I had to try. The following week-end, I went to the bead store and got myself a bunch of beads. I never stopped to play with beads. I just love it. Most of my work can be seen on my website. Here are a few of my favorite pieces :

yellow statement necklace

bold green statement necklace montreal

statement african necklace

boho long necklace for summer


7 thoughts on “MY WORK

  1. Emmanuelle Ricard says:

    Charlotte, c’est génial ton blog, merci pour ton franc parlé. Nous nous croisons parfois toi et moi chez Club bead plus. Je travaille dans l’atelier de bijoux d’inspirations. J’y travaille maintenant à temps partiel car je suis en train de monter mon entreprise !
    Merci encore !

  2. Jessica says:

    Des oeuvres d’art, rien de moins! J’ai hâte au jour où je ne serai plus sur un salaire d’étudiante et où je pourrai acheter des dizaines de vos colliers 🙂

  3. lilly says:

    J’adore ce que tu fais; j’en fais volontiers cadeau pcq c’est unique et beau. Aimes-tu les bracelets de cheville? En fais-tu?

  4. shweta chheda says:

    Dear Charlotte,
    its so amazing to see your work. i literally admire them all. i am from india and there’s so much to explore as material in this country..and i could see, you have used some of indian coins and center piece and silk cloth as well.. infact few of your best pieces have indian names like saraswati necklace which is one of our respected goddess….Charlotte, i tell this truth from my deepest heart. that no onecould have done justice to indian material you used in your jewellery …not even our indian designers. i am not jewellery designer by profession but i really want to learn at least for myself after seeing beautiful work of art of yours…hope to see you one day.

    and Dear – for token of love i want to gift you something precious for me from india.which i thought i will use them somewhere in my indian dress or in some decoration. but after getting mesmerised of your work. i am sure you are only one who can do justice to those beautiful piece.. kindly provide me your address….

    Love you always,
    Shweta Chheda

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