The making of a necklace

Oh hello, this is my come back on the blog ! I will be writing in english (and soon adding a french version to the blog) as I have more and more english-speaking followers. English is my second language so let me know if you spot any mistakes in my grammar or my spelling : I am always happy to get better at it.

I have thought a lot about what my come back blog post would be about and the answer came naturally earlier today as I was working on a necklace : my job (and my passion) is to design jewelry and accessories, especially necklaces : that’s what I had to talk about. So here I am, sharing with you some behind the scenes stuff about the making of a necklace.

I really love when clients ask me to make them a necklace from a previous collection. If I still have the required materials in inventory, I am always happy to do it. Sometimes, some beads will be missing and I will have to change them but I always find a way to respect the overall design.

When Cateline came to my studio, she had taken the time to browse through all my previous designs on Google image. When she asked me if I could make the Bagala marbré necklace again, I was really happy to hear it. It has been one of my favorite necklaces for a long time. I went through my beads and stones drawers (I will have to show you them one day, they are a well organized mess) to check if I had everything I needed and lucky us, I had almost everything I needed to make one more. I replaced some metal beads and one of the required fabrics and we were good to go.

Statement necklace handmade by costume jewelry designer

Making the Bagala necklace is all about precision and detail. Each strand of stones has to be exactly the correct length for the necklace to fit perfectly. I always work with my old foam mannequin to adjust the lengths of a necklace strands. That old mannequin has been with me since 2007 and it has really been useful to get a 3D perception of my necklaces as I was making them.

Shop army inspired statement necklace making a statement necklace with fabric and semi precious stones beautiful necklace by canadian jewellery designer online

The final touch : sewing my charlotte hosten tag to the necklace. My own way of “signing” the necklace.

necklace handmade by jewelry designer charlotte hosten

The necklace is now ready to be picked up, patiently waiting to be worn.

original handmade statement necklaces online

Cateline also asked me to design another necklace, inspired by the Kali… but with different colors. I am also very excited about that project. I will make sure to share that with you when it’s done xx

*If you liked the Bagala necklace, make sure to drop by my etsy shop to discover similar statement necklaces.


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