How I learned to let my clients inspire my work

Years ago, before I began to make custom-made jewelry for clients, I thought it would be a very uncomfortable and boring thing to do. The idea of having to deal with someone else’s desires and ideas when I make jewelry horrified be : I would perceive it as pressure and dominance. I was very attached to the freedom I experienced in my studio.

My memory is not always reliable but I think the first client who ordered a custom design from me was Carrie. She had this gorgeous family quilt she wanted me to use, as well as some old Scottish medals. I could not say no to such an exciting challenge. And that is exactly what changed my perception of making custom-made jewelry : the challenge and the surprising excitement I felt for it.

What I thought would be uncomfortable pressure actually turned out to be inspiring and exciting constraint. I would have never thought of using a Scottish quilt for a necklace : but Carrie took me there. My work inspired her that idea. And her idea inspired my work. And that’s how I learned that the clients who come to me for a custom design stimulate my creativity and sometimes take me out of my comfort zone. Ever since, every time I get an email or a phone call for a custom design, I get very excited (and a little nervous because let’s face it, a challenge is always a little stressful).

scottish inspired necklace with quilt fabric and war medals

I recently told you about Cateline and the Bagala necklace I made for her. Well in addition to the bagala necklace, she also asked me to design her a necklace inspired by the Kali but with pink, earthy tones, yellow and some neon. She liked the Cesaria necklace for its neon details and the Kali for its shape. She wanted something summery she could wear everyday so I began with showing her different stones, crystals, chains and beads I could use for her necklace.

When brainstorming with a client, I like to throw a selection of different materials on the table and get a feel of how the necklace would look. This is the palette we both liked :

pink freshwater pearls and neon beads

And this is the necklace I made :

peach and yellow statement necklace with gold chains

Sending a picture of my design to a client always makes me feel vulnerable and a little insecure so when Cateline told me she loved it, I was very happy.  I think I might design a necklace inspired by this one for my collection. I love its fresh colors and all the little details in there. Thank you Cateline for trusting me and allowing me to design this necklace for you 🙂

Have a great week-end xx



3 thoughts on “How I learned to let my clients inspire my work

  1. Marilyne says:

    Thank you Charlotte for sharing some tips and how you feel about some aspects of designing and making jewelry. I started last year to create and not only am I amazed by your work of art, I am so happy that you created this blog. Thank you and I can’t wait to read your next posts!


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